Newsflash: Creepy shadow man spotted outside your house


A dark figure stands alone at sunset
A photo of the shadow man taken near the local dog park

Eyewitness reports from local sources claim that a dark figure is currently standing outside of your house. He just stands there and occasionally conjures up what appears to be a pocket watch and checks the time.

No one is sure exactly what the man wants, due largely to the fact that most have the good sense not to approach him, but one thing is for sure: you are being watched.

You could of course call the police, but we’re going to assume that this sort of thing lies outside of their jurisdiction. The man has a whispy sort of quality, like he could just evaporate at any second.

Stay tuned to Omen World News for the latest in this developing story… or just look out your window, though we can’t guarantee that eye contact won’t cost you your soul.