“Women ARE inferior” claims Vampire from 1907


A recent photo of Harold Shim - noted male chauvinist

A Vampire from the early twentieth century has sparked outrage across social media today with claims that women ‘have smaller brains’ and that they ‘should never have been given the right to vote’.

“I’m no scientist but I can tell you this, I get hungry again a lot sooner after a woman’s brain. A man can keep me going for hours!” said Harold Shim of Boston, Massachusetts. “It may have something to do with their need to develop breasts. The human body can’t do everything.”

He does however claim that this “isn’t a bad thing”.

“I love women, their physiology and ineptitude makes them so much easier to seduce and overpower. I just think they should know their place. In the home, with the kids. Then hopefully in the bedroom, by a large open bay window with her nightdress billowing softly in the wind.“

Literally tens of people have taken to social media to slam Mr Shim’s ‘outdated’ thinking:


    “The guy is 110 years old – clearly his brain hasn’t developed in that time!”


    “He’s just bitter because his blood doesn’t flow in the places that matter anymore!”


    “Don’t respond to him, he just wants the attention. And he has a tiny penis.”



Many have made excuses for Mr Shims opinions, claiming he is from a different era. Still others are outraged, and hitting back online. Most people, however, find that they really don’t give a shit what some old guy with a Twitter account says.