Monster under bed saves young boy from abusive step-father


Menacing eyes under a child's bed

A Texas man is being treated in hospital after having been attacked by a monster that lives under his step son’s bed.

Daryl White suffered extensive injuries at the hands of the monster, who says that he simply did what any decent monster would have done in his position.

“I mean sure, my job is to psychologically terrorize children, but this guy is just an asshole. He was calling him names, pushing him around, drunk just all the time. Steve is a good kid, he doesn’t deserve that,” said Vlorgash when asked why he decided to intervene.

Daryl White after the attack

Steve’s  mother claims that she had no idea that her husband had been mistreating her son, but expressed her ‘deepest gratitude’ to Vlorgash, who has since returned to his menacing position beneath the child’s bed.

It remains to be seen how long Vlorgash will stay with Steve, as the dynamic between them will have no doubt changed, though he does insist that the incident will have little effect on their working relationship.

“Oh, he will be wetting the bed for years to come, don’t you worry about that,” laughed Vlorgash. “I’ll have to try out a few new techniques, which is nice, keep things interesting, you know?”

Local Police have stated that they don’t really have any jurisdiction over hideous interdimensional monsters, but that they would be keeping a close eye on the case.