13 ways to terrorize your loved ones this Friday 13th

Bloody hand holding an iPhone displaying Friday 13th icon

This Friday 13th why not show your loved ones that you really care about them with a little bit of Terror:

  1. Sneak up behind them and shout BOO!
  2. Place a fake spider on the toilet seat
  3. Place fake severed body parts in their food
  4. Steal a small item from them and leave a ransom note
  5. Swap their ringtone for the sound of a goat screaming
  6. Hide an alarm clock in their bedroom, and a handful of children’s teeth in their shoe
  7. Dump a bucket of pigs blood over them in a public place
  8. Create an elaborate murder scene at home, where you are the victim
  9. Place spider eggs under their eyelids while they sleep
  10. Prepare an animal sacrifice in your living room (we recommend using a goat)
  11. Run around the house wearing nothing but a pigs head over your own
  12. Place real severed body parts in their food
  13. Spring a surprise reverse-exorcism on him/her


Happy Friday 13th! Now get out there and have some fun!