Snowman kidnaps young child in UK

Artist impression of the snowman and his young victim

Police in England are today on the hunt for a Snowman and the young boy he abducted from his home in Manchester. The Snowman has been described as 5″11 in height with a rotund figure, a mucky white complexion and a long orange nose. “It is an actual Snowman, I can’t stress that enough,” says inspector James Hawthorn, who is in charge of the investigation.

It is believed that the sinister Snowman entered the boys house sometime around midnight and lured the child from his bed. A trail of puddle prints left by the perpetrator led investigators to the back door where all evidence seemed to vanish into thin air.

Several neighbors have reported seeing a figure fitting the description of the Snowman flying through the air during the night with what appeared to be a child. Others claimed to have heard some sort of eerie high pitched song echoing through the estate at the time of the kidnapping.

“Right now we have several open lines of inquiry, and will pursue all leads seriously,” said Inspector Hawthorn in a statement to the press.

With a brief and unseasonable warm spell forecast for the next week, police are certain that the Snowman’s days are numbered and are asking warehouse and supermarket owners to be vigilant, as their frozen storage units may become an ideal hiding place for the possessed Snowman.