Naughties Band Puddle of Mudd Accidentally Booked for All Zombie Music Festival


In an embarrassing turn of events, naughties rock band Puddle of Mudd has been scheduled to perform at a Music Festival featuring all Zombie artists. This despite all members of the band being (apparently) very much alive.

The festival, Rock Against Mortalism, is in its fifth year and was created to provide a safe space for differently-animated music fans and artists.

The event made headlines last year as with its highest attendee numbers ever. The huge turnout was due in part to the inclusion of Human-Zombie conversion tents at all festival entrances.

This year is set to see even larger crowds, though some ticket holders are not at all happy about the controversial decision to include a non-Zombie band in the line-up.

Puddle of Mudd, famous for their 2001 hits Control and She Hates Me could not be reached for comment.

R.A.M. organizer and Zombie Rights Campaigner Derek Hicks addressed the issue in an interview this week:

“The band in question took the gig knowing about our values and our politics. I know that a lot of people see it as a corruption of the original goals of the festival, but I think it shows support for our cause.

“And honestly? We just thought they were dead.”