Samsung woes continue amid reports of Note 7 sucking children into nether realm


Samsung phone with child trapped inside
Samsung device with trapped child

Samsung’s crisis over exploding batteries has continued to worsen over the past week with multiple reports of a strange new hardware problem.

Children are reportedly being sucked into some sort of nether realm while playing games on the stricken devices. It is unclear how many devices are affected at this point, though the total number of reports has now exceeded fifty.

Parents are not sure when exactly their children began disappearing, with one father saying: “Well of course I gave him the phone, it keeps him quiet. Two hours later he was gone, trapped inside the thing!”

A senior analyst at Samsung took to Twitter this afternoon try and reassure customers:

“If in fact there is any substance to the these reports, Samsung will of course take appropriate action.”

When asked about the already lost children he replied:

“We will do what ever we can to help. Samsung will work with the best Mediums available to ensure no more harm is done to any children.”

The company’s shares have continued to decrease in light of these new allegations and with the holiday season already underway and increasing numbers of suppliers halting sales, Samsung will no doubt struggle to fight off tough competition from rivals.