Vampire woman arrested for bloodfeeding in public park


Victoria Percival at her local park
Victoria Percival at her local park

Victoria Percival, a 267 year old woman and Nottinghamshire, England, resident has been arrested for drinking blood in a public park. Despite being a legally registered Vampire and there not being any laws forbidding the consumption of animal blood in a public space, the park’s attendants asked Victoria to ‘leave immediately’.

Witnesses say the woman and her partner, James Cross, were surrounded by the attendants who gesticulated wildly towards them for several minutes before forcefully removing them from the park. The couple often visit the park after sundown, but this was the first time they had any hassle from park security.

It was Victoria who contacted the police as they were being ejected, however the constable that arrived was not at all sympathetic to her plight. It is believed that she was subsequently arrested for a breach of peace.

According to Victoria’s partner and close friends, she was an advocate for Vampire rights and often took to social media websites such as Facebook to complain about the frequent violations of ‘basic Vampire rights’ she witnessed on a day to day basis. Today shortly after her arrest she tweeted from the police station –

I’m so pissed right now! You can eat a bacon sandwich in public but not drink pigs blood! #vamprights

The ordeal did not last long and the couple were released within a few hours of the arrest. Neither Victoria or James wanted to comment one the matter, but did suggest that they may take legal action against the police service in the near future.