Supermoon = Super Werewolves?


Supermoon rising
Supermoon rising

This week the moon was the closest it has been to Earth for 68 years – meaning it appeared unusually bright and large in the night sky. This happens because the moon does not orbit the earth in a perfect circle.

Werewolf scientist Dr. Lana Accalia decided to take this opportunity to test the effect of Supermoons on Werewolves.

On the night of the full Supermoon she had her assistants restrain her and perform a number of tests. The results of these tests would be compared to data obtained by performing a similar experiment during a regular full moon.

The experiment included measuring the levels of adrenaline coursing through her body, her blood pressure, grip strength, transformation duration.

Preliminary results have revealed a slight increase in strength and a significant boost to transformation time, though the scientists have said we will have to wait while they crunch the numbers before we get anything conclusive.

“We don’t want to cry super wolf too soon,” Dr. Accalia said. “But we’re all very hopeful that we will get some interesting data.”