New Emojis to Include Vampire Skin Tone


The next emoji pack is on it’s way, and along with the usual addition of foods, animals and memes (we’re looking at you, Face Palm) the upcoming batch will feature a new set of skin tones aimed at being more inclusive to undead users.

With 51 proposed icons there are some awesome newbies to look forward to. Stand outs include Zombie Thumbs Up, Vamp Grin and Sad Fish Man.


Skin tones were introduced in June 2015 (with Unicode Update 8.0) but failed to include any real options for the growing non-human audience.

Response to the announced additions has been largely positive with some minor rumblings from commenters who noted that the Swamp Monster emojis had been placed in the Animals & Nature category, rather than Smileys & People.

The most glaring omission is the lack of unique options for lycanthropic users. A community who  roundly reject the Dog and Puppy Face emojis, choosing instead to adopt Full Moon With Face.