Russian boxing champion reveals psycho slasher training routine



Current Russian heavyweight champion Dima Volkov has revealed the key to his boxing success in a recent television interview.

Dima Volkov wraps fists
Dima Volkov prepares ahead of ‘training session’ with psycho Jackin Box

The secret lays within the unquenchable thirst for blood found in infamous maniac ‘Jackin Box’. Jackin first appeared in global news in 2006 when he crashed an underage party, leaving none of the 27 teenagers in attendance alive. Now a resident of Lokskoya maximum security prison in Siberia he has one regular visitor, though this is not your average prison visit.


Volkov travels out to Lokskoya prison once a week in order to train with the psychopath. According to his manager, Volkov is locked into the courtyard with just his shorts and gloves before Jackin is unleashed upon him.


“You have to move fast, deal some damage and push back. This is better than any practice fight – if you lose you die,” Volkov said during a press conference in Saint Petersburg.

His manager however disagrees. “I have nothing to do with this”, he said to The Moscow Times in a recent interview. “I would never let him do this, I just couldn’t stop him. He wants to be the best. He wants to rid himself of imperfections, never make a mistake.”

The Prison Guards however are reveling in the spectacle. They even claim that watching these unorthodox training sessions actually has a calming affect on the other inmates.

Despite the clearly illegal nature of his training routine, no one seems to mind. “He’s a popular guy,” says one of the inmates. “The psycho, no one cares about him. It doesn’t do any harm.”

With plenty of fighters lining up to try and take his title from him, Volkov clearly wants to be at his best and will go to suicidal lengths to get there.