Vampire black market leaves medical blood supply at all time low in Europe



Blood transfusion services across Europe are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain emergency blood supplies. The president of the European Blood Alliance, Dr. Pierre Moreau, claims that an underground black market is to blame.

“There now exists a blood cartel run by members of the Vampire community,” says Dr. Moreau.

“Wealthier registered Vampires have been known to pay a premium price for real human blood. It seems that people are far more willing to sell a few liters of blood for a good price than donate to medical services.”

Dr. Moreau has also as called for legislation that forces registered vampires to undergo regular blood tests to ensure that they are feeding from animal sources.

“Perhaps this should be a mandatory part of the registration process. One year of weekly tests to ensure they are clean.”

His remarks have been denounced by several Vampire rights organizations. Henrik Stoker, chairman of Europe’s largest Vampire support group ‘Retracted Fangs’, had this to say:

“This is nothing short of hateful. Dangerous rhetoric and Dr. Moreau should know better. The introduction of any such measures would be incredibly regressive and would only serve to further drive a wedge between human and Vampire communities.”

Henrik Stoker, Chairman of Retracted Fangs

Stoker goes on to admit that there may be a small black market, but insists it is a tiny percentage of Vampires involved and suggests that perhaps it is the suppliers that should be punished.

“Surely a human that sells their blood to a Vampire should be held accountable,” he says. “I certainly consider it to be pretty reprehensible. That someone would deny their fellow man what could be a life saving transfusion in order to make a quick buck.”

Law enforcement agencies across Europe are launching a new initiative known as ‘Blood Clot’ in order to tackle the problem.

“We are treating this very seriously indeed,” says Jürgen Stock of Interpol. “Anyone found to be supporting this vile underground market will be dealt with severely.”

He goes on to say that anyone found crossing a border with blood will be detained and the blood tested. If convicted of trafficking human blood offenders will appear before a special EU court for prosecution and could face up to twenty years in jail.