PETA claims their animal protection ethos does not extend to Werewolves



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have said today that they will not fight for Werewolf rights. In the statement released online the activist group declared:

“The anger and murderous rage within the wolf form comes from the man. They are not truly animals, they are men in wolves clothing.”

The announcement comes as a surprise to many as the group have become infamous for their staunch defense of animal rights. Many supporters of the ‘Werewolves are People Too’ movement took to social media to voice their disappointment.

“Men & Women are animals too @PETA, why not look out for them too? Hypocrites! #WWolvesArePeopleToo”
– @DanOz97

“@PETA Werewolves don’t need your help – I wouldn’t go wandering around during a full moon with a PETA t-shirt on IF I WERE You…”
– @ScottTWHoward

PETA protest
PETA members protest outside a fur retailer

PETA are often criticized for employing shock tactics in their protests, most famously throwing fake blood over people wearing fur.

As with any official announcement from PETA many people took to Twitter just to voice their general dislike of the organization:


“@PETA no one that matters cares! ”
– @IClubSealz

“@PETA you gys r idiots! werewolves are OBV more animal, was a wolf bite what started it all”
– @HenryBowls7

Amid reports of some small protests at regional Werewolves Anonymous meetings it is unclear whether PETA will be launching any full moon protests against Werewolves.