Z-Sports Almanac – your guide to the 100 meter flesh chase



Welcome to the Z-Sports Almanac! In this regular feature we discuss various Z-Sports in detail, explaining the in, outs, rules and tactics.

In this first edition the sport of the day is the 100 meter flesh chase. Anyone familiar with greyhound racing will no doubt be thinking ‘I already know how this is going to go’, but don’t be so sure. While they are conceptually similar there are a lot more going on here.


  • Zombador
    • The stars of the show. These guys select and train their Zombie. Once on the track they must coax their Zombie along a 100 meter track to record the fastest time.
  • Prox (Proximity Penalty)
    • A time deduction given to any Zombie that gets closer than three meters to a Zombador. Each penalty adds 2.5 seconds to whatever time it takes the Zombie to complete the 100 meter course.
  • Zense
    • A Zombie Sensor, attached to both Zombies and Zombadors. This sensor will detect if the Zombadors get within three meters of the Zombies, first flashing orange and then red. The are worn on the wrist, and so a miscalculated outstretched arm can potential trigger a Prox.
  • Zcent
    • Commentators often talk about Zcent. This is referring to the often custom made perfumes worn by Zombadors in order to instill greater blood lust in their Zombie

The Basics

A Zombador stands three meters from the trap. Once the trap opens and their Zombie is released the Zombador must keep its attention and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

The Course

Can be multiple lanes, divided by a small barrier. Each Zombador occupies a single lane and must coax their Zombie from the traps to the 100 meter mark.

Well that’s all for this edition of the Z-Sports Almanac. You are now fully equipped to go watch some Flesh Chasing and really enjoy the spectacle. Keep an eye on The Omen Sport for all the latest Flesh Chase and Z-Sport news.