Shape shifter poses as woman’s house cat for 7 years



Pet owners share a close emotional bond with their pets. Many would go as far as to say that they and their pets understand each other. This turned out to be especially true for Helen McCarthy of Westmeath in Ireland, and once you hear her tale you may never look at your pets the same way again.

Helen and 'Clarence' in better days
Helen and ‘Clarence’ in better days

“Well I always knew he was a very special cat,” said Helen after her shock discovery. “He had a way of looking at you, you know? Like he knew exactly what was going on. He was always there to comfort me when I needed him, and always did what he was told.”

Little did Helen know, her beloved cat Clarence was more than meets the eye.

“I’ll never forget it. I went home from work at lunch because I’d forgotten my sandwiches. Laying there on my couch was a half naked man making a big marijuana cigarette, well I nearly died.”

Helen ran for the door but the man managed to stop her and calm her down.

According to Helen, when she looked in his eyes she knew immediately that it was Clarence.

'Clarence' today

“I had looked into those eyes for years so of course I knew it was him. He was also wearing the lovely collar I got him last Christmas.”

After falling on hard times Clarence, who before meeting Helen went by the name Bruce Ritchie, first morphed in to a cat in 2008. Six months later while roaming his territory he came across Helen’s back garden. “She always left food out,” he says. “She just seemed kind. I started hanging around there and she ended up bringing me in.”

“When she found out my true form I think she was disappointed, which is almost worse you know?” he continues. “But we’ve actually become quite close now, she has helped me a lot.”

Helen offered to take Bruce in as a lodger and even helped him to get a custodial job at the office she works in.

“We had an unspoken bond before,” says Helen when asked why she decided to help Bruce. “Now it’s a spoken bond. Sure he lied to me, but he has also helped me a lot and I enjoy the company.”

Bruce still takes his feline form from time to time, though he doesn’t lick is former ‘owner’ anymore.