Man charged with murder claims “It’s not murder if you re-animate them”



A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a student in Providence, Rhode Island.

Howard Philips was arrested shortly after his victim’s body was discovered walking in circles around a nearby car park.

The victim who has been named as Jody Thrace had been attending the local university. In a statement from Philips, he claims Jody had come to live with him at the start of term, having failed to secure on campus accommodation.

According to Philips, Jody was the perfect housemate for him as she was majoring in biochemistry, a field in which he held a keen interest. He went on to say that they had run several experiments together and ‘got on famously’.

When pressed by the defense Philips admitted to being present when she died, but insisted that she had not died by his hand. Furthermore he claimed that she was only dead for a few minutes before being reanimated, meaning it was more like a ‘terminal nap’ than death in the traditional sense.

A cause of death has yet to be established due to what the county coroner described as the ‘extremely difficult conditions’ surrounding a potential postmortem.

“Well medically she’s not dead, though she kind of is. Put it this way, she is less alive than a human but more alive than a Zombie.So it’s an ethical grey area. We must respect the wishes of the girls family, who do not want us to euthanize her, but I cannot do my job effectively with her thrashing about the way she is,” said Megan Halsey, junior district coroner.

The jury adjourned at the end of the day looking tired and confused. The only certainty in this trial seeming to be that it will be a long one.