Leading the way: Local petrol station hires registered Vampires for night shifts



In a move that is being heralded as ‘progressive’ and ‘timely’ by many, a petrol station just outside of Glasgow city, Scotland, has begun openly employing registered Vampires.

The station owner, Gerry McAvoy, responded “Who better to work the night shift?” When asked about the decision.

The registered Vampire community already face several challenges when it comes to traditional employment, not least of all the unsociable day time work hours. Until recently very few registered Vampires have been able to find employment outside of the arts, where there is oft considered to be a certain air of romance about them and their lifestyle is easier to accommodate.

Henrik Stoker of ‘Retracted Fangs’ called the news a ‘step in the right direction’, though claims there is more to do.

“Obviously we have a long way to go, but as long as there are people like Mr. McAvoy, I think someday we will get to a place where humans and Vampires can live in peace.”