IZSC meeting overrun by Zombie Horde



Seventeen people have been killed, twelve turned and at least thirty six injured as a meeting of the International Zombie Salvation Collective in Salford, Manchester was today overrun by a horde of Zombies.

The IZSC, best known for their outspoken opposition to zSports and the slaughter of Zombies, held their UK gathering in Manchester despite warnings from the military, who had recently released a list of high risk Zombie outbreak zones that included the Salford area.

Omen World News spoke with one surviving member of the group, who had this to say:

“It’s made me change my thinking a little you know? I mean I’d never actually seen one of those things up close. I thought they were still people, people who could be helped, but no – they’re horrible angry things.”

Justin Ham, leader of the UK chapter of the IZSC, also survived the attack but could not be reached for comment. The group did however release a statement on social media saying:

“All of our thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and families of those who suffered in today’s attack. The IZSC remains committed to finding a cure for all of the poor human beings afflicted with this terrible illness, and will continue to promote a message of compassion and tolerance for our turned brethren.”

Despite the wishes of the IZSC, the Royal Zombie Combat Brigade arrived on the scene shortly after the chaos erupted and neutralized all Zombies in the area, which they estimated to be roughly two and a half thousand.

Investigations as to how exactly the horde managed to breach the building security system are ongoing.