Monday, October 22, 2018


Poison candy love heart

Man gives heart to valentine, dies soon after

A man has died after attempting what is being called the ‘most brainless romantic gesture ever seen’. Giovanni Fapello, a 23 year old Gondolieri (sails...

Youtube issues warning over killer video

Youtube has today issued a warning to all users about a video that reportedly kills anyone who watches it. Like many others, the video begins...


St. Patrick set to reintroduce snakes to Ireland

The ghost of St. Patrick has returned to Ireland ahead of this years St. Patrick's day festivities, and he is not happy. St. Patrick's day...

Monster under bed saves young boy from abusive step-father

A Texas man is being treated in hospital after having been attacked by a monster that lives under his step son's bed. Daryl White suffered...

Theme park Haunted House closed due to actual haunting

A haunted house attraction at Irish theme park 'Tayto Park' was today shut down after it was revealed that the house is actually haunted. Several...
Victoria Percival at her local park

Vampire woman arrested for bloodfeeding in public park

Victoria Percival, a 267 year old woman and Nottinghamshire, England, resident has been arrested for drinking blood in a public park. Despite being a...

Floating child “No cause for alarm” says Gardaí

A floating child who has appeared on Parnell Street is "No cause for alarm" says Gardaí who, at the time of publication, are directing traffic away...