Vampire death metal band forced to cancel day time set



Vampire death metal band ‘River of Blood’ have been forced to cancel an upcoming appearance at popular outdoor music festival ‘Festival de la Muerte‘ in the south of Spain due to a scheduling mistake.

The events organizers had allotted the band a five o’clock slot on the Saturday evening, two full hours before sunset. A festival spokesman said the problem was only identified with less than a week until the festival kicked off and as a result the schedule could not be changed.

“I think the fans will understand,” said the bands manager Vlad. “Everyone will of course be thinking of their well being. Sure, we could put up a screen, or a few umbrellas – but the risk is just too high. In the end we all agreed that cancelling was the only option. Hopefully we can come back next year with a more appropriate time slot.”

The band had already caused some controversy in advance of the festival after stipulating that none of the food vendors could use garlic on the day that they were to take the stage.

“You gotta understand just how sensitive we are to that crap, I can smell it coming from your pores right now,” said singer Vincent Vein in a recent interview. “But the real issue, the sad reality, is that there are still a lot of sad little anti-vamp cretins out there, willing to pay the price of entry just to harass us at shows. They throw garlic, spit holy water. These sorts of hate crimes are just a reality for all peaceful registered Vampires.”